Sunbed Finance Options

Sunbeds for Sale

Brand new vertical and lay down commercial and home sunbeds for sale.  We also sell re-conditioned sunbeds. This gives you the opportunity to buy the sunbeds outright with a one off payment.

Sunbeds to Rent/ Hire

At Tansun, we supply sunbeds available for rental with minimum 6 months depending on the unit, for 12 months or longer rental period. This option is ideal for those who are setting up a new business or would like better cash flow as a new start business. Within renting, we also offer service and maintenance support.

Sunbed Leasing

Leasing a sunbed from Tansun is a popular means of financing your tanning equipment. This offers flexi payments to own the equipment at the end which is paid by monthly over 2-5 years. Call us now and we will have a discussion with you in order to decide upon the details of the lease contract and the fixed monthly payments.

Profit Share

Profit Share is a good option when you are looking for a cost effective solution and especially for those who are starting up a new business. All earnings are split up, with 50% going to you and the other 50% going to us.