Our People

Research & Development

At Tansun Leisure we invest a lot of time in research and development in order to keep up with the latest technologies and innovations and offer products distinguished for their unique design and functionality. Our knowledgeable and committed R&D Team works hard combining creativity with professionalism and having a keen eye for detail. Customer’s needs and requirements are always in mind.

Tansun Leisure excretes pride into every project and aims at manufacturing innovative equipment to the up most superiority that delivers excellent tanning results on every occasion.


Sunbed Engineers

Our trained and qualified engineers pay attention to each stage of manufacturing process and utilise their skills and expertise for the production of tanning units which guarantee optimum tanning performance. They apply the engineering science and knowledge in the manufacturing of reliable and high tech units, setting as priority your safety and convenience.  They develop, test and evaluate each design and unit to make sure that our products are cost effective and perform consistently and that you get the best tanning results keeping you clients satisfied.



Customer Service

We offer superior customer service and our committed and experienced Sales Team is always there to assist you, provide a piece of advice, meet you individual needs and requirements, receive an order and make the units available to you. You can either visit our premises or call us on 0121 580 6200.