Choosing the Best Commercial Sunbed: A Comprehensive Guide to Tanning Beds by Tansun Leisure

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Welcome to Tansun Leisure, a leading provider of commercial sunbeds in the UK. If you’re looking to buy, hire, rent, or lease a commercial sunbed, we have the perfect solution for you.

With an extensive range of high-quality sunbeds and exceptional services, Tansun Leisure can help transform your business into a profitable indoor tanning venture. To start with, we will guide you through the benefits and options available when leasing Tansun Leisure sunbeds, ensuring a successful and hassle-free experience.

Elevate your Business with Quality Tanning Solutions

Tansun Leisure, has been providing top-quality products and services since its establishment in 1982. With over four decades of experience, Tansun Leisure has built a reputation for delivering state-of-the-art sunbeds and related accessories. As industry pioneers, we are at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring customers receive the most innovative and effective tanning solutions available. To illustrate, here’s why customers choose us as their preferred sunbed lease provider:

The Best Commercial Tanning Beds:

Firstly, Tansun Leisure offers a wide selection of British-made commercial sunbeds, designed to cater to various preferences and demands. All commercial sunbeds are available in a single or three-phase supply to suit your operational needs.

Sunbed ModelSunbed Features

Tansun Diamond

  • An exceptional stand-up commercial sunbed with a stylish design, advanced tanning technology, and outstanding performance
  • The 48 long-life sunbed tubes deliver fast 360° tanning results via electronic ballasts
  • A dual airflow system ensures pleasant and intelligent cooling
  • The Tansun Diamond stands out with its modern design, customisable colours, and built-in features such as Bluetooth connectivity, a digital hour counter, illuminated exit sign, emergency stop button, ergonomic handles, and stereo speakers
  • Specifically designed for commercial use, it’s the perfect addition to any establishment

Tansun Symphony

  • Blending performance and style with advanced electronic ballasts, the Tansun Symphony allows precise control over tanning intensity
  • Its sleek design, complemented by ambient LED lighting, creates a relaxing atmosphere
  • 48 long life sunbed tubes offer fast 360° tanning results, and a dual airflow system ensures a cool and intelligent airflow plus maximum tanning output
  • Popular among spas and wellness centers prioritising relaxation and rejuvenation

Tansun Viva

  • Renowned for versatility and efficiency, the Tansun Viva sunbed is easy to install and maintain, making it ideal for resellers and dealers
  • With 44 long life 180w sunbed tubes despite its compact size, the Viva delivers an intense and even tan
  • Perfect for gyms and fitness centers looking for a convenient tanning solution for their members

Tansun Vitesse

  • Synonymous with speed and efficiency, the Tansun Vitesse sunbed features an innovative reflector system for maximum UV output
  • 48 long life 160w tanning tubes offer excellent tanning results as well as a sleek design and compact size suiting salons with limited space
  • With low energy consumption and maintenance requirements, it is a cost-effective choice for reducing operational expenses

Tansun Vitesse Infra-Tan

  • The Tansun Vitesse Infra-Tan is a dual-technology sunbed for full-body treatment, incorporating the features of the Tansun Vitesse with the addition of Infrared technology
  • Infrared is a penetrative therapeutic light that mimics the sun to provide an even tan and overall warmth
  • Featuring ergonomic design for maximum comfort and rapid tanning capabilities, this sunbed promises a first-class experience for clients. The user-friendly controls, durable build, and association with the trusted Tansun brand ensure increased footfall, customer satisfaction, and enhanced brand reputation

Tansun Spectrum

  • The Tansun Spectrum sunbed is a versatile and customiable lie-down sunbed option catering to diverse customer preferences
  • It offers variable power output, a spacious tanning surface, and user-friendly controls. 40 canopy and base tanning lamps guarantee fast tanning results from the 1st session
  • Suitable for salons and spas serving a wide range of clientele, the Spectrum is Tansun Leisure’s premium lie-down option ensuring durability and reliability for long-term satisfaction

Tansun Changing Areas

  • Enhance the overall tanning experience with our practical and luxurious changing rooms
  • These well-designed spaces feature comfortable seating, mirrors, and storage compartments, elevating the ambiance of businesses and setting them apart from competitors
  • All Tansun vertical or stand-up sunbeds come with the changing room as an optional add-on, priced competitively

Commercial Sunbeds – Revenue Boost and Profit Potential:

Secondly, we understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to buying a commercial sunbed. That’s why we offer flexible terms that suit your business needs. Whether you require short-term 12-month contracts to test the profitability of longer-term arrangements, we can accommodate your requirements. Our lease, hire, and rental packages are designed for buyers who don’t want to purchase outright. Our goal is to provide you with the freedom to make informed decisions without committing to a substantial investment. Click to see a full overview of our commercial sunbed rental and hire packages plus coverage areas in the Midlands.

An Easy and Transparent Process:

Next, buying commercial sunbeds from Tansun Leisure is a straightforward and hassle-free process. Simply choose the sunbed model that suits your business, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our easy installation process and transparent terms make it quick and convenient for you to get started. We also offer flexible payment options, including debit/credit card payments over the phone, ensuring a seamless experience.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction with Advanced Support:

Plus, when you rent, lease, or buy commercial sunbeds from Tansun Leisure, you can rely on our comprehensive maintenance and support services. We take pride in keeping our sunbeds in top condition, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction. With our commitment to regular servicing, tube replacements, and repairs, you can focus on running your business while we handle the maintenance. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, ensuring that your sunbeds are operating at their best. Our engineers are fully trained with specialist experience to give you full peace of mind.

Commercial Sunbeds for Leasing: Ideal for Distributors and Sellers:

Leasing commercial sunbeds from Tansun Leisure offers numerous advantages for your business. Here’s why sunbed lease is the ideal solution for you:

Low Initial Investment, High Returns:

By opting for tanning bed leasing, you can eliminate the need for a substantial upfront investment. Instead of purchasing sunbeds outright, you can make affordable weekly or monthly payments and start generating profits from day one. Our customers often recoup their lease payments quickly, underscoring the lucrative nature of this arrangement. Sunbed leasing allows you to transform your space into a thriving tanning venture without the financial risks associated with outright purchases.

High-Quality Brand New & Refurbished, Reconditioned Sunbeds:

Our range of commercial sunbeds includes top-quality models that have been manufactured in the UK. From the luxurious Tansun Diamond to the versatile Tansun Symphony, our sunbeds are designed to deliver exceptional tanning experiences. You can rest assured that our sunbeds are in excellent condition, providing reliable performance and outstanding results.

When considering commercial sunbeds for your business, it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with reconditioned sunbeds. While they may seem like a cost-effective option, reconditioned sunbeds, unless refurbished to a high standard using genuine parts, carry a higher risk of potential malfunctions. This includes a shorter lifespan, potential safety concerns, and inconsistent performance. Our qualified and expert engineering team ensures that all Tansun reconditioned sunbeds sold directly from Tansun Leisure are tested to a high standard and refurbished to achieve units that are in good working order. Our sunbed servicing and maintenance package is additionally available to minimize any downtime and ensure safe working order over a period of time.

You can also invest in a new, high-quality sunbed from a reputable manufacturer like Tansun Leisure to ensure reliability, customer satisfaction, and peace of mind for your business, which includes a comprehensive warranty.

Get the Best Commercial Sunbeds from Tansun Leisure

To sum up, getting your commercial sunbeds from Tansun Leisure is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to establish a successful indoor tanning venture. With our comprehensive range of high-quality sunbeds, flexible options, competitive pricing, easy process, and unmatched maintenance and support, we are dedicated to helping you achieve profitability and customer satisfaction. Choose Tansun Leisure as your sunbed lease partner and elevate your business to new heights.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities of commercial sunbeds and embark on a profitable tanning journey. We are your one-stop solution for businesses seeking top-notch and reliable sunbeds.

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