Tansun Miracle -Collagen Light Technology

Red Light Therapy for Collagen Production & Skin Revitalisation

What is LED light therapy?

Phototherapy or LED light therapy is the use of light at specific wavelengths of the spectrum to induce positive benefits for the user. It has many applications such as wound healing, skin disorders, acne, muscle pains, seasonal affective disorder and many more. Known by various names i.e. photo rejuvenation therapy, collagen therapy, and red light therapy.

What is CLT?

CLT stands for Collagen Light Technology, Miracles revolutionary new Light Therapy System. It uses the power of light to accelerate the healing and regeneration processes of the skin to deliver visible results.  Tansun Miracle-Red Light Therapy System has merged the power of Infrared and Red Light Therapy producing a superior anti-ageing system for today’s market, which uses Photo Bio stimulation to rejuvenate the skin and combat ageing.

“A Synergistic Combination”

Tansun Miracle-Red Light Therapy System or Collagen Light therapy (CLT) treatment, works naturally with the skin. Using advanced dual technologies, at 633 nanometres the LED light penetrates 10mm through the different dermis layers stimulating the body’s own production of elastin and reactivating collagen cells to begin the renewing and healing processes of the skin. LED light helps in stimulating and revitalising tired cells leading to a more youthful complexion. Clients will experience an absolute sensory relaxation resulting in a refreshed skin and sense of wellbeing.

First system of its kind worldwide

The Tansun Miracle-Red Light Therapy System  is an excellent investment for your business with fantastic returns. Many different machines would be required to deliver the range and diversity of benefits offered by the Tansun Miracle system. But Tansun Miracle helps with many cosmetic solutions in one system.

Scientifically proven results

There have been many independent studies and research conducted worldwide, proving the benefits and positive effects of infrared and light therapy at 633nm on the skin. Contact Tansun for more.

Red Light Benefits

Reduction of fine lines & wrinklesDecrease acne and inflammationsFade scars, burns and wounds
Diminish stretch marksSmooth uneven skin toneIncrease moisture in skin
Fade age spots & blemishesFirm poor elasticity in skin

Infra- Red Benefits

Ease Joint pains (Treat rheumatoid arthritis)Plumper looking skinTreat Insomnia
Ease aching musclesStimulates & regenerate CollagenTreat allergic rhinitis
Improve circulationActivates skin’s natural cellular activityImprove cardiac and vascular function
Enhanced detoxificationWound HealingReduces stress and fatigue

This combination of the red and infrared help with the stimulation of collagen growth, improving skin tone, texture and reduced pores size. Miracle CLT offers a feeling of well-being enhancement of the mind and body.

Infra- Red Benefits

Power supply13A
Voltage input230V / 50Hz
Internal timerIncluded
Dimensions approx.1.0m x 1.9m
Weight approx.130 kg

Tansun Miracle-Red Light Therapy System Product Features:

  • Self-serving save on allocating a treatment room
  • LED light technology system – red light
  • Male and female use
  • Sit in booth
  • Quick and simple to operate
  • Does not require a specialised operator
  • Positively treat multitude of skin issues
  • Delivers great results for clients satisfaction

The Skin is the body’s largest organ and it forms a natural barrier against germs bacteria and the external environment. In its entirety the skin comprises of three different layers:

  1. The epidermis. Theses cells are constantly shed and replaced by new ones.
  2. The dermis provides nutrients to the epidermis and maintains the structural foundation of the skin.
    Collagen-The key types of cells in the dermis are Fibroblasts, which produce collagen. Collagen is responsible for the structural support that gives skin its strength and resilience.
    Elastin – provides elasticity and flexibility allowing skin to stretch and return to its original shape. Similar to collagen, the production of elastin slows down as you age, which can result in wrinkle formation.
  3. The final layer – acts as an insulator, food reserve and binds the skin to the body to help skin look plump.


Causes of ageing

Many factors influence the ageing process in the human body. Exposure to everyday factors such as environmental pollution, stress, excess sun exposure, lack of skincare routine and poor diet can all take their toll.

These factors can be split in either intrinsic (internal) i.e. genetic makeup. Or extrinsic (external) such as sunlight and lifestyle.

On average the natural ageing process begins in the mid to late 20’s dependent on your internal constitution. The production of collagen in the skin begins to slow and the elastin (elasticity) that holds the skin together progressively loses its function. This means the matrix of the skin begins to weaken causing sagging and wrinkles


Miracle CLT helps to tighten theses muscles and help reactivate the tired layers of skin. It uses the power of light to accelerate the healing and regeneration processes of the skin to deliver visible anti-ageing results.

Return on investment- Fantastic revenue generation

The Miracle CLT is a great addition to any beauty menu. An all-natural system that works with the skin’s natural healing processes, delivering a constant stream of rejuvenating light that affects change at a cellular level.

Suitable for:

Spas | Medi- Spas | Salons | Hotels | Clinics | Leisure/ Gym Facilities | Retreat Centres

Miracle CLT can earn an impressive new revenue stream for your business, as well as generating an increased repeat visits from your clients, building fast and positive returns.  The system also has a low electricity consumption making it very cost effective.  What’s more, Miracle is designed to treat a larger surface area of the skin compared to hand held devices, giving a higher energy output for superior skin rejuvenation results. Allows you to offer your clients more variety in their treatment without the need for a treatment room.


  • Unique to the market Infrared and Red Light combination treatment
  • Minimal therapist involvement
  • Pain free & non invasive
  • Express treatments – 15 minutes
  • Simple to operate
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Light therapy used by a list of celebrities to keep their skin in good condition
  • System is self-contained, perfectly suited for restricted spaces
  • Works specifically on main problem areas, face, décolletage, upper torso & hands

Who is CLT collagen light therapy for?

It is an effective and easy to use anti-ageing treatment for men and women.

Is Collagen Light Technology (CLT) safe?

The CLT treatment is completely safe, nothing harmful is contained within the light and it is also UV free. It is a totally natural skin regeneration and anti-ageing treatment. Effective for all skin types and non-invasive. See therapist for details of any contraindications.

How long does one session last?

15 minutes.

Does it work?

There are many independent studies worldwide, research and papers that have been written, proving the benefits and positive effects of light therapy at 633nm and infrared on the skin.

How does the treatment feel?

The treatment is completely pain free and feels very comfortable. It relaxes users giving an increased sense of well-being.

How will infrared help?

The Infrared light is absorbed through the skin, muscles and tissue. It relieves aches and pains and it works at the physical and cellular level to help improve skin.

How soon will clients see results?

Over a few sessions they will notice changes like tighter, softer, suppler skin, improved circulation and a healthier complexion. Regular use may result in further improvements such as replenished collagen leading to reduced fine lines, fading of age marks, pigmentation, and increased detoxification to help reduce puffy eyes.

How long do results last?

Results vary from person-to-person, dependent on the areas of concern. The skin should maintain its results with continued use. It is also dependent on the skin’s condition before starting any treatment.

Will the light affect the eyes?

Due to the brightness of the light, it is advised to keep your eyes closed and for precaution we recommend that eye protection should be worn.

Can you wear makeup when using

Yes you can, however most makeup and foundations are light reflective and can create a barrier between you and the light. For best results any form of makeup should be removed.

How long is the warranty that comes with the system?

It lasts for one year

How far do you sell?

All over United Kingdom, Ireland and internationally

What Our Cutomers Say

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