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Tansun 2m Sapphire Professional Stand Up Sunbed

Vertical Sunbed for Professional Applications

The Tansun Sapphire 2m Professional is the perfect choice for sunbed businesses that are seeking to extent their current services and generate extra income. The Tansun 2m Sapphire Professional sunbed holds a prominent position in both the domestic and commercial sunbed market and boasts excellent quality and efficiency similar to a commercial tanning unit.

With its unique design, outstanding performance and easiness in transportation, handling and installation, the Tansun 2m Professional Sapphire is a robust sunbed that offers unsurpassed tanning results.  No starters, no darkening of the tubes, long lamp life and light weight are characteristics that increase the demand for this unit.

The benefit of this new revolutionary sunbed is that it offers most of the benefits of a commercial sunbed, but at a lower cost. What is more, there is no need for initial electrical outlay such as setting up for single or three phase as you do for most commercial sunbeds. The unique 2m Sapphire Professional sunbed can be plugged into your 2 x  13A  normal plug sockets and way you go at no additional cost for electrics to be installed. The lightweight and powerful sunbed is a profit generator and the perfect addition to your business.

Tansun 2m Sapphire Professional sunbed is suitable for

  • Hair salons
  • Barbers
  • Small beauty salons
  • Small boutique shops
  • Amusements Arcade
  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Spare space and many more…

Looking to generate an extra income, the Tansun 2m Sapphire Professional is ideal for those from the above commercial type applications, who want a hassle free long term rental income, as the sunbed is easy to install with one person delivery. You can also take advantage of our business startup service which enables you to start your own profitable Sunbed Hire Business. We are here to offer a piece of advice on how to set up and run your business and supply you with reliable tanning units.  For details visit the Sunbed Home Hire Business section in our website.

Call today  on 0121 580 6200 to buy your own Tansun Sapphire sunbed. Also available for commercial rental.

Can be ordered with an optional Changing Area for your clients privacy and comfort.

Learn more about the Tansun 2m Sapphire Professional sunbed’s specifications and features

  • 24 x 180W
  • 0.3 compliant tubes
  • Overall Power: 4.5kW
  • Single Phase Fuses: 2 x 13A
  • Single Phase Means of Connection: 2 x 3-Pin Plugs
Tansun Sunbeds Analogue Hour Counter

Analogue Hour Counter

Tansun 2m Sapphire Professional Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

Tansun 2m Sapphire Domestic Control Panel

Control Panel

Tansun 2m Sapphire Domestic Fully Closable Door

Fully Closable Door with No Gaps

Tansun 2m Sapphire Domestic on/off Cooling Fans

On/off Cooling Fans

Tansun Sapphire Sunbed Floor

Easy to Maintain

Changing Area for Tansun Sapphire Vertical Sunbed

Changing Area

  • Standard Colour for Fleet Purchase: Grey


  • Modern Design
CAD Drawing Showing Width of 2m Sapphire Professional Sunbed with Door Open
CAD Drawing Showing Width and Height of 2m Sapphire Professional Sunbed

We offer a maintenance and repair friendly sunbed which will make your life simple from delivery and installation to the everyday usage servicing of the tanning equipment. Having our customers in mind, we design sunbeds that are easy to handle, maintain, service and repair. Tansun is always adjusting to your needs and tanning requirements.

  • Easy Cleaning
  • Easy Re-tubing
  • Easy Spare Parts Replacement
  • Major Parts easily accessible
  • Genuine parts available from Tansun

Simplicity and easiness come first.  We simplify everything just for you and especially for your clients, who can now enjoy a whole tanning experience without getting frustrated with numerous features and complex technologies.

What is more, with our After Sales service we make sure that we are always there to solve any problem and provide support to you and your business.

Don’t hesitate to call us!

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