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Tansun Vitesse Infra Tan – Infrared Sunbed Therapy

Best Tanning Results & Health Benefits of Commercial Infrared Sunbed

Tansun’s extensive research on new technologies and innovations resulted in a dual technology sunbed which has been designed to combine UV radiation for unsurpassed tanning results with infrared light for health and rejuvenating purposes. The Tansun Vitesse Infra Tan sunbed offers a full body treatment.

How Does the Tansun Vitesse Infra Tan Work?

Infrared is a therapeutic light which penetrates the skin and benefits the body by heating it and giving the same warm feeling that you get under the sun. Research shows that infrared light can be used for many therapeutic applications due to the fact that the heat radiation speeds and improves many normal bodily processes and boosts tanning results. In particular, infrared expands the blood vessels improving the blood circulation, increases the oxygen, relieves pain and gives a feeling of relaxation and stress reduction.

The Tansun’s Vitesse Infra Tan incorporates the features of the Tansun Vitesse with the addition of the infra-red technology. Get a desirable tan by enjoying the benefits of this sunbed, which is the next best thing to sunlight.

Health benefits of infrared sunbed – Tansun Vitesse Infra Tan:


  • De-Stresses
  • Relaxation and Enjoyment
  • Improves Quality of Sleep and Relieves Insomnia
  • Pain Relief
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Improves Skin Blood Flow
  • Beneficial Effect in patients with Type II Diabetes
  • Cures Allergic Rhinitis
  • Improves Cardiovascular Function


  • Eases Arthritis
  • Relieves Muscular Spasms


  • Improves Skin Tone
  • Stimulates Collagen Production
  • Eases Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Enhance Skin Healing Process

Tansun Vitesse Infra Tan Power Options

All Tansun commercial sunbeds are available in Single or Three Phase Supply and have been designed with an optional Changing Area 

How to Purchase the Tansun Vitesse Infra Tan

For further info on infrared and the Tansun Vitesse Infra Tan sunbed visit our Research page or  contact Tansun Leisure.

Tansun Vitesse Infra Tan is the ideal choice for your

  • Tanning salons
  • Gyms
  • Spas
  • Retreat centres
  • Leisure Centres

Learn more about the Tansun Vitesse Infra Tan sunbed’s specifications and features

  • 44 x 160W
  • 4 x 40W short tubes
  • 4 x 500W IR lamps
  • 0.3 compliant tubes
  • Overall Power: 9.7kW
  • We offer sunbeds with the option of Single or Three phase
Tansun Sunbeds Analogue Hour Counter

Analogue Hour Counter

Tansun Vitesse Emergency Cut Off Switch, Tansun Vitesse Tanning Bed Switch

Emergency Cut Off Switch

Tansun Vitesse Stereo Speakers

Stereo Speakers

Tansun Vitesse Stand Up Sunbed Ergonomically Designed Handles, Vitesse Stand Up Tanning Bed

Ergonomically Designed Handles

Tansun Vitesse Roof Cooling Fan, Tansun Vitesse Fan

Roof Cooling Fan

Tansun Vitesse Self Illuminated Exit Sign, Tansun Vitesse Exit Sign on Tanning Bed

Self illuminated Exit Sign

Tansun Sunbed Adjustable Feet

Adjustable Feet

Tansun Token Meter and Tokens

Compatible T-Max or Token Meter

Changing Area for Tansun Vitesse Vertical Sunbed, Changing Area for Tansun Vitesse Vertical Tanning Bed

Changing Area

Colour Options

  • Burgundy | Royal Blue


Vitesse Detail


Exceptional Design

CAD Drawing Showing Width of Vitesse Stand Up Commercial Sunbed with Door Open
CAD Drawing Showing Width and Height of Vitesse Stand Up Commercial Sunbed

We offer a maintenance and repair friendly sunbed which will make your life simple from delivery and installation to the everyday usage servicing of the tanning equipment. Having our customers in mind, we design sunbeds that are easy to handle, maintain, service and repair. Tansun is always adjusting to your needs and tanning requirements.

  • Easy Cleaning
  • Easy Re-tubing
  • Easy Spare Parts Replacement
  • Major Parts easily accessible
  • Genuine parts available from Tansun

Simplicity and easiness come first.  We simplify everything just for you and especially for your clients, who can now enjoy a whole tanning experience without getting frustrated with numerous features and complex technologies.

What is more, with our After Sales service we make sure that we are always there to solve any problem and provide support to you and your business.

Don’t hesitate to call us!

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