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Tansun 6ft Sapphire- Best Selling Home Hire Sunbed

Stand up Home Sunbed for Sale & Hire

Tansun 6ft Sapphire sunbed is the industry leading and best-selling vertical Home Sunbed. It is stylish and lightweight yet powerful and offers unrivalled tanning results all year round. You will be up and running for home tanning experience within minutes. Due to its compact design, the Tansun 6ft Sapphire home sunbed complements any room and décor and discreetly fits into most spaces. Requiring only 1 square meter and 2 x 13A plug sockets, it is the prefect sunbed for your home, the garage or even smaller commercial applications.

Try now the new revolutionary and stylish way of tanning at home with the Tansun 6ft Sapphire sunbed. Increase the levels of Vitamin D and simultaneously get ready for your holidays getting a perfect all over salon tan. The Tansun 6ft Sapphire’s 24 full length tanning lamps offer a true 360° full body tanning, while its body cooling fans ensure a pleasant tanning experience and a sense of relaxation and wellness at home.

The Tansun 6ft Sapphire is available for Sale and Rent.

Looking to set up a fleet of home hire sunbeds and generate an extra income?

Take advantage of our Business Startup service and start  your own profitable Sunbed Home Hire Business today. We are here to offer a piece advice on how to set up your business and supply you with the best selling and most reliable tanning units.

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Learn more about the Tansun 6ft Sapphire sunbed’s specifications and features:

  • 24 x 160W
  • 0.3 compliant tubes
  • Full body tanning lamps
  • Overall Power: 4.0kW
  • Single Phase Fuses: 2 x 13A
  • Single Phase Means of Connection: 2 x 3-Pin Plugs
Tansun Sunbeds Analogue Hour Counter

Analogue Hour Counter

Tansun 2m Sapphire Domestic Control Panel

Control Panel

Tansun 2m Sapphire Domestic Fully Closable Door

Fully Closable Door with No Gaps

Tansun 2m Sapphire Domestic on/off Cooling Fans

Fully Length Body Cooling

On/off Cooling Fans

Tansun 6ft Sapphire Surge Switches

Controlled Surge Switches

Tansun 6ft Sapphire Door Magnet

Door Magnet

Tansun 6ft Sapphire Door Handle

Outer Handle

Tansun 6ft Sapphire Door

Easy to Dismantle and Transport

Logo Sticker of Tansun 6ft Sapphire Home Sunbed, Sapphire Home Tanning Bed

Stylish Design

  • Standard Colour: Grey


  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design


CAD Drawing Showing Width of Tansun 6ft Sapphire Home Hire Sunbed with Door Open
CAD Drawing Showing Width and Height of Tansun 6ft Sapphire Home Hire Sunbed

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