Sunbed Maintenance & Hygiene- What you need to know

sunbed maintenance and servicing

Sunbed Maintenance.

How to make sure that your sunbeds are in perfect condition and you offer the best tanning results.

Looking to see your tanning business thrive and your customer base constantly increase? Would you like to increase the number of visitors to your tanning salon, gym, spa, treatment centre, beauty salon etc.? Would you like your customers to leave satisfied and happy? The only way to achieve this, is by keeping your sunbeds in a good working order so as to get the most of them. Constant sunbed maintenance is required to keep your sunbeds in good condition and working order. Poorly maintained tanning equipment fails to function properly and this results in loss of customers and money for your business. The most important consideration, however, is the safety of your clients.

There are several things you can do to keep your sunbeds running efficiently and safely:

Sunbed Replacement Tubes

The first thing to consider for an effective and fast tan are the sunbed tubes.  Make sure that you replace the lamps with those that are recommended from the manufacturer and are compatible to your sunbed. Using different lamps from the recommended ones may not bring the desired results and it may even cause damages to your tanning equipment. Also note that every sunbed tube has different power and lifetime.

For better tanning results, replace the existing lamps with new ones when they reach nearly the 80% of their lifetime. This is usually every 500-800 hours. Most of the sunbeds include a counter that indicates the hours that the sunbed was in operation.  After that time, the intensity of UVA and UVB diminishes, so you will not have the same tanning results. Your customers may be frustrated for not getting a deep tan even if they spent time on the sunbed. What is more, you should always replace the sunbed tubes all at once for an even all-round tan.

Please note that the sunbed tubes emit the strongest UV radiation during the first 50 hours of use. You should always inform your customers as soon as you have replaced the UV lamps. Brand new lamps usually emit stronger power. Check Tansun Sunbeds’ website and explore our wide range of UV lampsCollagen Lamps and Infra Red Lamps.

Sunbed Parts

Not only the tubes, but also other parts of your sunbed should be checked, cleaned and replaced regularly to make sure that they are in an efficient state and they operate correctly. The frequency of maintenance depends on factors such as the manufacturer’s recommendations or the intensity of the use. For example, if the sunbed is in constant operation and you have consecutive customers and tanning sessions, you should check and maintain the sunbed more frequently.

You should also bear in mind that sometimes the temperature in the sunbed and the room gets too high, especially if there is not the proper ventilation or air-conditioning system. The high temperature may cause breakdowns to your tanning equipment.

What is more, issues may come up if your staff is not qualified and they do not know how to use the tanning equipment correctly. They may cause damages or malfunctions. A proper training should be provided to the staff and should include guidelines and instruction on how to operate the sunbed based on the manuals and the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Sunbed Hygiene

Part of the maintenance is to keep your sunbeds clean after each tanning session. You should sanitise the sunbed after each customer’s use. Apply only sunbed sanitisers and cleansing products, specially formulated for use with indoor tanning equipment. Sunbed’s hygiene plays also an important role for your salon’s good impression and for maintaining your existing customers or attracting new ones. You can find cleansing products and sanitisers and everything you need for your salon in our online Tanning Supplies Catalogue.

Reduce the possibility of damages and extend your tanning equipment’s lifetime by taking care of your sunbeds maintenance. Save time and money. If you are looking for a trustworthy company specialising in sunbed servicing and maintenance then Tansun Leisure is here! You can learn more with regard to the services we offer by visiting the Sunbed Servicing and Maintenance section on our website.

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