Sunbed Tubes for Commercial & Home sunbeds


High Quality Tanning Lamps & Sunbed Tubes Fitting Service

Tansun stocks a full range of sunbed tubes for use with both commercial and home sunbeds. All tubes comply with the 0.3W/m2 European Standard, which determines the maximum UV output of the sunbed for a safe and responsible tan. At Tansun, we guarantee the lamps’ long run and optimum performance for a fast, natural and perfect tan.

You will find in stock lamps from the most known manufacturers such as:


Cosmedico  |  Light Tech  |  Sylvania  |  Wolff Systems  |  Phillips

What is the 0.3 Compliance?

In 2009, a new regulation was introduced in Europe determining the maximum UV output of sunbeds. According to this regulation, all sunbeds should emit no more than 0.3 watts per square meter. A 0.3 tanning session has the same effects as the midday Mediterranean sun in summer and eliminates the risk of burning. Sunbed users can get now a tan that lasts longer since the 0.3 session takes longer. Any sunbed emitting UV above this level is considered to be unsafe. All salon owners and tanning professionals are required to replace their tanning equipment or convert their sunbeds to be 0.3 compliant.

If you don’t know or you aren’t sure which are the appropriate tubes for your sunbed you can call us and discuss with one of our expert sales team about your options. We are more than pleased to offer a piece of advice.

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Please bear in mind that all sunbed tubes need to be ordered as minimum quantity of 10!


Re-tubing – Replacement lamps

Integral part of the sunbed maintenance is the replacement of the lamps. The sunbed lamps are extremely effective and emit the strongest UV radiation during the first 50 hours of use.  It is recommended to replace the existing tubes when they reach the 80% of their lifetime hours because after that the intensity of UVA and UVB diminishes dramatically. This is usually every 500-800 hours of use. It is advisable to replace the sunbed tubes all at once, to ensure even and excellent tanning results.

What is more, you should always have in mind that the lamps’ performance is affected by the room’s temperature as well. So, make sure that you have the proper room ventilation and a cool airflow system for your sunbeds. All Tansun sunbeds include an airflow system with body cooling fans to ensure that the unit runs very cool for the lamps’ maximum tanning output.


Lamps Disposal

Part of our environmental policy is the safe disposal of your old lamps. We can collect your tubes after replacement by charging a small fee and make sure that they are disposed in a safe and eco-friendly way.