Tansun Customer Service

Our customer service is our highest point of excellence. We  always endeavour to provide our valued customers with the best service possible and accommodate their needs. Maintaining exceptional customer service standards consists our top priority.

Our services include flexible options to finance your next sunbed, after-sales sunbed servicing, repairs and maintenance, and sunbed training. We also offer business advice and supply you with the best tanning equipment to start up your own profitable Sunbed Home Hire Business.

See below for more. For further details don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced staff.

Finance Options

Tansun Offer Several Finance Options from Sunbed Sale and Lease to Hire, Rent and Profit Share

If you are starting a new business or thinking of upgrading your current business with the latest technology sunbeds, Tansun is here to provide you with several and flexible finance options. You can either buy a sunbed or take advantage of the sunbed rental and hire. Alternatively you can lease a sunbed to reduce the cost and make it yours at the end of the leasing contract. . Learn more in terms of Tansun Finance Options and choose what best suits your needs.

Sunbed Servicing/Maintenance

With our After Sale Support for sunbed servicing, repairs, maintenance as well as re-lamping and cleaning, we make sure that your sunbeds are functioning and running smoothly . At Tansun, we strongly recommend regular sunbed servicing to ensure that the sunbed is in safe working order and that it is providing you with the best possible tanning results. In the case of a damage, our qualified and trained engineers will visit your premise, detect the problem and facilitate any repair. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable company, known for its excellence in sunbed servicing and maintenance, call Tansun now.

Sunbed Training

At Tansun, you can benefit from our training programme which takes place at our head office in West Bromwich and in our dedicated training suite. Based on our experience and deep knowledge of the tanning industry, we provide you with information and useful advice with regard to sunbed health and safety, technical and scientific issues and everything you need to know when owning or managing a tanning facility. The Training is available to those who are looking for a refresh, who have taken over a salon or have recently purchased Tansun Sunbeds for commercial use.

Sunbed Home Hire Business

Tansun gives you the option to enter the prosperous Home Sunbeds Hire Market, start your own successful and profitable business and see an increase in your income. At Tansun, we supply a wide range of best selling tanning equipment for sunbed home hire and provide you with advice and knowledge on how to keep the set up costs low and operate your business successfully.