How to Set up a Successful Sunbed Home Hire Business

Start your own Sunbed Hire Fleet Business with Tansun Sunbeds

With over 40 years of expertise and knowledge of the indoor tanning industry, Tansun Leisure, the UK’s largest sunbed manufacturer and supplier, provides you with the opportunity to run your own Sunbed Home Hire Business and see a tremendous increase in your profits. Tansun Leisure has already set up 100’s of successful hire businesses in the UK and Ireland. Take now advantage of our established and recognised brand.

Why Set Up a Sunbed Hire Business

The sunbed hire business includes sunbed hiring to customers for use at the convenience of their home. You can run the business either full time or part time in the evenings and weekends in order to generate extra income. You will be able to work from home, anytime of the day without paying extra for rent, bills or staff wages etc. Wouldn’t be great to be your own boss and see your income to increase day by day?

At Tansun Leisure, we are by your side while you are taking your first steps in the Sunbed Hire market. Tansun Leisure offers:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and premium tanning equipment, known for its unparalleled performance, durability and reliability
  • New technology with lightweight ballasts making units easy to transport, install, handle and dismantle
  • 360° tanning with no gap-domestic sunbeds that look and tan like a commercial sunbed
  • Tanning equipment that delivers excellent rental return as well as great sale potential.
  • Great manufacturing support. Being the sunbeds’ manufacturer, there is no one else more specialised in understanding what the clients require for a successful home hire business
  • Excellence in customer service every time. Our experienced and helpful staff will be glad to assist you anytime and deal with any query. We offer a personalised touch and we will always go out of our way to help each and every individual to achieve a thriving business

Start A Sunbed Home Hire Business with Tansun Sunbeds

Specialising in the Home Sunbed Hire industry, we also offer advice, business ideas and training at no additional cost. Learn how to keep the set up fees low, estimate your expenditures, operate your business and generate profit.

Choose Tansun Leisure whether you are looking to set up a new business or upgrade your existing hire fleet with premium tanning equipment and take advantage of higher rental return on investment.



A profitable Sunbed Home Hire Business includes two type of home sunbeds which are the perfect addition to your hire fleet.

Sunbed Hire Business Plan

Below you can find an estimation (*) of your annual revenue if you operate 50 units, being hired for the period of 4 weeks:

Type of SunbedsNumber of SunbedsHire Fee per unit (4 weeks)Annual Revenue (x12 months)
6ft Sapphire30£155.00£55,800
*Total: £79,200

You can generate extra cash by selling sunbed creams.

Cream Sales Revenue£1,500
*Total: £79,200+ 1500£80,700

Since you don’t need any facilities and you’re are able to run your business from home your expenditures are limited to:

Transport/ Insurance/ Fuel£10,400
Advertising/ Web/ Telephone£4,200
Other Items£3,000
*Total Annual Costs£17,600

In summary, the total annual revenue of a Sunbed Home Hire Business operating 50 sunbeds and working 12-18 hours per week would be:

Total 12 Months Hire Revenue£80,700
Total Costs£17,600
*Total Profit Before Tax£63,100

Start Your Own Sunbed Hire Business

Sunbed Home Hire market is an easy business to manage and maintain and Tansun Leisure provides you and your customer peace of mind. Tansun’s range of Home Sunbeds are the lightest units overall and this is very important when choosing your hire fleet. We only offer aesthetically pleasing units with unique design and excellent tanning ability that command a higher rate e.g. hire per month.

What is more, based in the Midlands allows us to be centrally located. This makes Tansun Leisure easily accessible with excellent motorway connections to the rest of the country.

You are more than welcome to visit Tansun Leisure’s premises in West Bromwich to see a demonstration and discuss further all the things you need to know before starting your own profitable hire business.


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Start Your Sunbed Fleet with Tansun

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