Sunbed Servicing & Maintenance

Checking, Repairing & Retubing of your Sunbed

Sunbed servicing and maintenance on a regular basis are essential to ensure that your sunbed is functioning properly and safely and that your customers are satisfied and get the best possible tanning results from the sunbed. With 35 years of experience in sunbed manufacturing and servicing there is no one else as specialised on this field as we are. We provide sunbed servicing and maintenance services to ensure the sunbed’s good condition and tanning performance as well as safe working order.

Even though all Tansun sunbeds are manufactured to the highest superiority, we strongly recommend regular sunbed servicing to ensure that the sunbed is in good working order and that you have no business down time resulting in a loss of customers.

We offer a range of services:

  • Sunbed Repairing
  • Relamping
  • Sunbed Cleaning
  • Installation or Removal of Tanning Equipment
  • Checking of the electrics
  • Sunbed Acrylics
  • Replacement of spare parts with new genuine Tansun parts
  • Technical Advice

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable company, which is known for its excellence in sunbed servicing and maintenance, call Tansun now on:

0121 580 6200

Sunbed Repairs

Is there any problem with your tanning equipment? Has your sunbed stopped working? Before calling us, please take some time to go through the following list of troubleshooting and you may find the solution. If you still cannot resolve the problem, our experienced and helpful staff will be glad to assist you and our qualified and trained Tansun engineers will come to your premise and facilitate any repair on site!

ProblemCauseWhat you need to do
The sunbed gets too hotFirst of all, check whether the sunbed fans are working properly, if they are clean and if there is any damage to the wiring. Another reason why your sunbed turns hot is maybe because there is no proper ventilation in the room.What you can do is to open the air conditioning or the ventilation system. In general, avoid placing the sunbed too close to the wall or very close to the ceiling to make sure that it is getting proper ventilation.
The lamps do not ignite when I turn on the sunbed or they flash on and offThe lamps may not have been installed properly or the problem comes from other parts like the starter, the ballast, the witch or the lamp holderEnsure that the lamps have been installed properly and then try to figure out whether the problem comes from the lamps themselves, the starter, the ballast, the switch or the lamp holder.
I power on the bed but nothing happens.Maybe the sunbed is not properly plugged in or the isolator is switched off. Sometimes the emergency stop button may cause an issue like that so make sure that it is disengaged. Bear in mind that some tanning beds do no operate if they are not in closed position so read carefully the sunbed manual.Check the plug or the breaker so as to make sure that the sunbed is plugged in and there is power to the bed and also check if the isolator is switched on. You may also need to check and even replace some of the parts like the relay, the remote wall switch, the remote timer, the micro switch, the emergency stop or the overrule timer.
I can’t keep the canopy open/ down.Maybe there is a problem with the canopy’s shocks.Check if there is any problem with the canopy’s shocks and whether they are not functioning well and need replacement or they are just positioned wrongly.
The Changing area light is not workingThis could be caused by the light not being switched on or by the bulb failing.Check that the light is switched on and change the bulb if necessary.
The speakers are crackingThis could be caused if the sound system is wired incorrectly or wires are touching.Check that the wiring is ok on sound system and that wires are not touching each other.
The Perspex is crackingThis could be caused by the wrong chemical being used to clean the Perspex.Use correct cleaning solution such as warm soapy water

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