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Tansun Just Legs- Vertical Leg Tanning

New Profitable Vertical Leg Tanning Addition for Commercial Applications

Tansun Just Legs is the ultimate tanning solution for people who have had a hard time to tan their legs or those who are trying to match the tan on the legs with the rest of the body. Leading the way in innovation and advanced technology, Tansun Sunbeds has specifically designed the Tansun Just Legs to solve the long lasting customer’s problem of the less tanned legs and satisfy the tanning needs of the most demanding clients.


Benefits for Tanning Salons

Tansun Just Legs-Vertical Leg Tanning is an ideal solution for salon owners and operators who want to offer professional tanning services and at the same time increase their customer base and profits by attracting new customers. It is a profitable and valuable investment with low operating costs and high Return on Investment. It is the perfect addition to any tanning  or beauty salons, tanning studios, hotels, gyms, nail bars, spas and other leisure centres.

  • ‘Selling Advantage’ over the competitors
  • An additional service to your business in order to excite, satisfy and maintain your existing clients
  • The perfect way to attract new customers
  • A tanning unit that fits into most applications and salon decor because of its compact size and colour selection
  • Revenue Generator


Benefits for Customers:

The Tansun Just Legs-Vertical Leg Tanning is here to satisfy the desire of thousands of people for eye catching golden brown colour on their legs.

  • It can be used additionally to any sunbed session for fast and even tanning results
  • People can benefit from Tansun Just Legs especially during summer when they wear shorts and skirts
  • Ideal for people who want to boost the colour of their legs without further exposing the upper body to UV light.
  • Ideal for people who suffer from claustrophobia and are afraid of small and closed spaces


Tansun Just Legs-Vertical Leg Tanning runs on 32 lamps while the floor reflector guarantees an all over tan, even inside your legs. It boasts elegant design and can be found in three attractive colours. Easy to transport, maintain and clean.


Available for both rental and purchase. Call Tansun Leisure now on 0121 580 6200.

Learn more about the Tansun 6ft Sapphire sunbed’s specifications and features:

  • 32 x 60W
  • 0.3 compliant tubes
  • Overall Power: 2.0kW
  • Single Phase Fuses: 13A
  • Single Phase Means of Connection: 1 x 3-Pin Plug
Reflective Floor on Tansun Just Legs Leg Tanner

Reflective Floor

Adjustable feet for Tansun Vertical Sunbeds

Adjustable Feet

Door handle with Latch on Tansun Just Legs Vertical Leg Tanner

Door Handle with Latch

Emergency Stop Button on Tansun Just Legs Leg Tanner

Emergency Stop Button

Sunbed Acrylics-perspex


Grab Handles on Tansun Just Legs Leg Tanner

Grab Handles

Tansun Just legs Leg Tanner Outer Handle

Outer Handle

Ventilation of Tansun Just Legs Vertical Leg Tanner


Tansun Just Legs Logo sticker

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Token Meter 7 Tokens- Standard Sunbed Feature

Operates on Token Meter

Colour Options

Black | Burgundy Royal Blue

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