Useful Tips to Attract More Men into your Tanning Salon

Useful Tips to Attract More Men

Men’s Tanning Gains More Popularity

Men’s tanning is becoming an increasingly popular trend and more and more men fancy a darker skin. Famous male actors, athletes and important people appear tanned encouraging men to try this out .

No longer is the case that someone would consider tanning as a ‘girly’ thing. Salon & tanning shop professionals mention that a big percentage of their clientele are now men. A lot of traditional barbershops have added sunbeds and they offer tanning services alongside with male grooming. Men are now using sunbeds and solarium’s and there is nothing to be ashamed of.


A Tanned Body is More Attractive

A tanned appearance is always perceived as more attractive and sexy, looks more healthy, brings out the good features such as the muscles of the body and in general increases self-esteem and confidence.

Nowadays, more and more people resort to indoor tanning to get that desirable natural dark colour. People can go into sunbeds not only before summer holidays, but all year round to take advantage of the health benefits as well, such as the increased Vitamin D levels and the positive effects to the mental health. Learn more about the health benefits of sunbeds in our article ‘Boost your Vitamin D Levels and Improve your Health with Sunbeds’.


Male Tanning is the New Trend for Salons

Targeting and attracting more men could be a great potential revenue for salons. It is common knowledge that men are more than ever concerned about their appearance and body shape. They are now doing more things to enhance their look. They use male grooming and beauty products, they wax or visit beauty salons to get their hair or nails done and of course they tan.

Going into a sunbed shop can be a daunting experience for a guy, especially the first time. Here are some tips to entice more men to your tanning shop:

Go for a More Gender-neutral and Men Friendly Design

Your salon should welcome men too and make them feel comfortable. You can imagine that most men would never enter a pink salon full of glitter and fancy furniture.  Choose gender-neutral colours that appeal to both males and females and an interior design that denotes the excellent and professional services you offer.

Small details always matter, so some good ideas would be to add posters featuring both male and female models for your wall’s decoration or add some men’s magazines in the waiting area to keep men busy while they are waiting.

Find more salon decorating ideas in our article ‘Best Tanning Salon Decorating Ideas for a Unique Salon Interior‘.

Offer Retail Products Specifically Designed for your Male Clients

For faster and long lasting results, it is recommended to use sunbed creams and tanning lotions. Men should always apply a sunbed cream before a session, because their skin is harder and dryer, thus more difficult to tan. Tanning lotions for sunbed use consist of several ingredients that not only keep the skin moisturised, but also intensify the whole tanning process and the production of melanin.

However, ensure you are catering for your male and female clients, by stocking sunbed lotions that are for both. There are different types of creams or cream collections specifically designed for men. An example would be the men’s tanning lotions by Onyx Tan and Man Line by Pro Tan, which includes men’s tanning moisturisers and tan accelerators. Find more in our Sunbed Creams brochure.

Use the Power of Social Media to Reach your Male Clients

Promote your business in social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and specifically advertise your services in male groups and forums. For example, a potential group could be athletes in body building. They usually resort to tanning before a competition, because muscles are more prominent on a darker skin.

You can even find and contact popular male influences in your area who can spread the word about tanning in general and even about your salon by inviting them to visit you and try your services.


Spending some time on thinking about how to attract and keep your male customers can be worthy. Guys are now more open and confident to take care of their appearance and try out different things. As a salon professional you shouldn’t ignore this growing market.