Vitamin D Lamps for Higher Vitamin D Levels

Vit D 200W/ 250

Tansun Vit D Vitamin D Sunbed Tube 200W/ 250

Brand: LightTech
Length: 6ft or 2m
Suitable for the following sunbeds:
Any 6ft or 2m Sunbeds

In many countries, where the exposure to sunlight is limited,  many people show low levels of Vitamin D. This is happening because 90 % of the necessary Vitamin D comes from the sunlight and from the UVB rays in particular. Vitamin D has several functions and is really important for people’s health.

The Vitamin D lamps act in a similar way to the sunlight. They emit high-intensity UVB radiation which is responsible for Vitamin D production in the skin.


Please bear in mind that all sunbed tubes need to be ordered as minimum quantity of 10!


If you don’t know or you aren’t sure which are the appropriate Vitamin D Lamps for your sunbed you can call us and discuss with one of our expert sales team about your options. We are more than pleased to offer a piece of advice!

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