How to use a sunbed for the first time: 10 things you should know

Use of sunbed for the fist time


Is this your first time in a tanning salon and you don’t know what to do or how to use sunbeds?  Don’t worry… These 10 useful sunbed tips come as a guide of the things you have to do when using a sunbed for the first time. Don’t forget…you can always ask for the salon staff’s advice and instruction on how to use the tanning equipment properly and safely. Read below and you will see that tanning on a sunbed has never been easier.

1)  Fill in a skin analysis form

Prior to purchasing a tanning course or going on your first tanning session, you should fill in a skin analysis form. This form will indicate your skin type, which in turn will determine your tanning abilities, the number of tanning sessions and the frequency or duration of each session. It is the tanning salon’s responsibility to provide you with a skin analysis questionnaire.  Make sure that you always follow the recommended exposure times, based on your skin type. For example, it would be better for people with Skin Type 1, to avoid using a sunbed. This type of skin always get burned and it rarely tans. Also, sunbed beginners should avoid spending too much time on a sunbed especially during their first sessions.

2)  Decide upon the type of tanning equipment

Most tanning salons offer the option of tanning on either a lie down or a stand up sunbed. On a lie down sunbed, you have just to lie down and relax while getting a tan. On a vertical sunbed, you have to stand holding usually two handles. In a stand up sunbed you can move freely and it is cleaner from a hygienic point of view since you don’t come in contact with any surface. It is your choice whether you will go on a lie down or a stand up sunbed. Take some time to explore Tansun’s wide range of stand up and lie down Commercial Sunbeds and their features.

3)  Clean the sunbed before use

The salon staff is responsible for keeping the sunbed sanitised and clean it after each tanning session. In the sunbed room you will find sunbed sanitisers in the case you want to clean the sunbed on your own before using it. Spray all over the sunbed’s surface and use a towel or a tissue to wipe it off. At Tansun, sunbed hygiene is important and we supply different cleaning products and sanitisers which will you find in our Tanning Supplies Catalogue.

4)  Remove all forms of makeup or cosmetics

Wearing make-up or cosmetic products may lead to uneven tanning and white spots on your face and body. What is more, the substances of some cosmetics may react to the UV rays causing photosensitivity, allergies or other adverse effects. You could use make up removal or cleaning wipes to remove your makeup and leave your skin clean and free of cosmetic products.

5)  Apply a sunbed cream or tan accelerator for better tanning results

For better tanning results, it is recommended to use sunbed creams or tanning accelerators, specifically designed for indoor tanning equipment. These products contains vitamins and ingredients that keep your skin moisturised or intensify the whole tanning process.  A moisturised and healthy skin can tan easier and the tan is going to last longer. At Tansun Leisure you will find the best sunbed creams, tanning accelerators and tanning supplements on the market for all skin types and levels of tan. Learn more on Tansun’s Sunbed Creams collection.

6)  What to wear while tanning indoors

Many people go on the sunbed in a bikini or their underwear or even completely naked. In depends on you and the tan lines that you want to have after the tanning session. If you tan naked just take care of the most sensitive areas.

7)  Don’t forget the protective eyewear!

Never go on a sunbed without the proper eye protection. The eyelids are too thin to protect your eyes from UV radiation, even if you keep them closed. Sunglasses do not offer the same level of protection. It is the salon’s responsibility to provide you with disposable goggles for that specific use or Winkease but, in the case they don’t, always use your own goggles.  Avoid wearing proper eye protection can cause short and long term problems to your eyes and definitely you don’t want to take that risk. At Tansun, we strongly recommend the use of eye protection and we supply salon professionals with protective eyewear specially designed for sunbed use. Explore our  Tanning Supplies catalogue for more.

8)  Get in the sunbed

Now you are ready to get in the sunbed! Just open the canopy if it’s a lie down sunbed or open the door if it’s a vertical one. If you are on a lie down, it is preferable not to turn around during the session because you may put extra pressure and this may result in the sunbed acrylics’ cracking. Just lay down and enjoy a pleasant tanning session. In a vertical sunbed, position yourself centrally to achieve better tanning results and an even all- round tan. Most of the commercial sunbeds work on a token meter so the tanning time is predetermined and you may just need to push the start button. When you complete the tanning session the sunbed lamps will probably turn off automatically. Tansun Sunbeds include high power cooling fans for a cooling tanning session as well as stereo speakers. People can tan while listening to their favourite music.

9)  Freshen up yourself and apply a moisturiser

After your tanning session, use cleansing wipes or anti perspirant spray to freshen up and avoid the after tan odour. Applying a moisturiser after the tanning session is really important as well, in order to avoid skin’s dryness caused by the UV rays and heat. Keeping your skin moisturised and fresh will prolong your tan.

10)  Repeat the tanning sessions. Always remember: Moderation is key!

Obviously you will not see impressive results from the first tanning session. It might take 1-2 weeks and up to 3 sessions per week to build your tan base. After that, it is recommended to reduce the frequency of tanning sessions to 1-2 per week. It is important to leave at least 72 hours between the sessions. Your skin needs some time to produce melanin and regenerate. Always remember… Moderation is key to an effective and safe tanning. Do not overdo it because overexposure can have negative effects to your skin and health.