What are the best sunbed creams for a darker tan on a sunbed?

Best sunbed creams and tanning lotions for use within a sunbed.

Sunbed creams for indoor tanning.

You are in a tanning salon, ready for your session and the salon operator kindly recommends the use of a sunbed cream before going on a sunbed. You have heard so many times about sunbed creams, you may be overwhelmed by the number of different products and you think that he or she is just trying to sell another product to you. That is not necessarily the case.

Have you ever thought why salon staff insists on the use of sunbed creams? Do you know what the benefits of sunbed creams are? Have you ever tried to apply a sunbed cream before going on a sunbed and have you noticed any difference? Read more, to figure out why sunbed creams are highly recommended, and what are the things you need to take into consideration when buying a tanning lotion. Always remember to use products specially designed for sunbed use only.

Sunbed Creams Benefits

Do you know that by using sunbed creams you can get a deeper tan that lasts longer? It is true. Sunbeds creams or tanning lotions are specially designed products that enhance and accelerate the tanning process. In sunbed creams you can find ingredients that maintain your skin’s moisture. Such ingredients are amino acids like L-Tyrosine, natural oils and many vitamins. It is widely known that moist skin tans better, since it absorbs a greater percentage of UV light. UV light is responsible for the production of melanin and in turn for the dark colour on your skin. Other type of sunbed creams with bronze or tingle effects intensify even more the production of melanin giving you an instant colour. On the other hand, tanning without a tanning lotion can cause the skin to dry out. Dry skin reflects UV light, making the whole tanning process less effective.

What is more, research has shown that the sun and the UV rays are amongst the main suspects for skin ageing. Using sunbed creams and lotions that contain vitamins and in particular Vitamin E, enables you to attenuate the ageing effects of the UV light and retain a youthful skin.

Different Types of Sunbed Creams

Many of you may wonder what kind of sunbed cream you should use and how to choose the perfect product for your skin. You are often left asking yourself which sunbed cream is suitable for me?  There is a great number of sunbed creams and lotions available on the market. First of all, sunbeds creams can be found in different categories such as Accelerators, Bronzers, Coolers and Lotions with tingles and each one of them serve a different purpose.

For details on sunbed creams features and ingredients have a look at Tansun’s Sunbed Creams catalogue, in which you can find a wide collection of creams from the most known manufacturers like Pro Tan, Power Tan, Emerald Bay, Fiesta sun and Carrot sun.

Sunbed Accelerator creams

Accelerators are sunbeds creams with purely moisturising and conditioning effect that keep your skin hydrated and soft and prevent it from drying out. Keeping your skin’s moisture helps you tan faster, avoid dryness and exfoliation and in turn retain your tan for longer. Natural tan accelerators can be used before and after each tanning session. Tansun Leisure suggests Definitely Dark by Emerald Bay for deep moisturisation without clogging the pores.

Suitable for all skin types and especially for beginners in indoor tanning.



Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable within a sunbed because of the heat caused by UV rays. Cooling lotions give you a sense of coolness and refreshment and make the whole tanning experience more pleasant. Tansun Leisure suggests Strawberry Banana Breeze by Fiesta Sun with cooling and bronzing action.

Suitable for beginners in indoor tanning as well as advanced or intermediate users.



Bronzers contain some extra ingredients that give instant natural colour to your skin and enhance the whole tanning process. With a bronzer you will see a difference in just one session. Tansun Leisure suggests the No1 Best Seller Incredibly Black by Pro Tan, infused with advanced tanning accelerators and natural extracts.

Suitable for  beginners as well as advanced or intermediate users.


Lotions with Tingles

Tingle tanning lotions are called in this way because they cause a tingling feeling on your skin. They consist of ingredients that stimulate the blood circulation which in turn increases the production of oxygen and melanin. You will notice your skin to be red, but this redness will fade, leaving your skin tanned in less time. They are normally used for areas that are difficult to tan such as legs. You should avoid using them on sensitive areas like the face. You can test a small area by applying a lotion with tingle and see how your skin reacts to it. Tansun suggests Primo Max by Power Tan for an instant and radiant glow.

Recommended for advanced or intermediate users and not for beginners or people with sensitive skin.


How to choose the best products for your skin?

You should always apply sunbed creams that are recommended for your skin type. You can find this information on the bottles or the sachets of most of the sunbed creams. If you are unsure about your skin type ask the salon staff or fill in the relevant questionnaire to determine your skin type.

Skin Type I

Not recommended to use a sunbed at all.

Skin Type II

Beginner to Intermediate. Use of Accelerators, Coolers & Bronzers

Skin Type III

Intermediate to Advanced. Use of Accelerators, Coolers & Bronzers

Skin Type IV-VI 

Advanced. All Types of sunbed creams


Before buying or applying any sunbed cream it is preferable to ask for the salon staff’s piece of advice and instruction. They are experts and they can assist you in choosing the perfect sunbed cream, based on your skin type and the desired level of tan.

Please note that typically sunbed creams for indoor tanning do not contain any sunscreen, because they are formulated for use within the controlled environment of a sunbed and enable you to get the most of UV rays in less exposure time and safely. Exfoliation before applying a sunbed cream is always a good idea.

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