Best Tanning Salon Decorating Ideas for a unique Salon Interior

Reception and Waiting Area in a Tanning Salon

Useful Tips and Decorating Ideas for the Sunbed Room.

Buying the best sunbeds on the market is an important factor for your sunbed shop’s success but not enough on its own. What will differentiate you and set your sunbed business one step ahead from the competition is to offer to your clients the opportunity to get an even, natural tan and at the same time treat themselves to a unique and enjoyable tanning experience.

One contributing factor for your clients’ pleasant experience is the salon ambience. You should spend some time on your salon’s interior design and decoration and have a think of how you would like your tanning shop to ‘look and feel’. A successful combination of different factors such as space layout, furnishings, décor, colours, lighting, and all the extras is required for your salon’s attractive and quality image.

Please note that your salon’s interior design depends to a great extent on your clientele. Think of their main requirements and preferences. Let’s say for example that your tanning shop is located near an area with lots of offices and companies. Your clients will be mainly employees visiting your salon after work.  Follow a design that will make them relax and release any stress and anxiety after work. Similarly, for upscale customers you may need to follow a more luxurious design. For younger people select a modern  and playful design.

General questions you should ask yourself:

If you were a client, what would you expect from a salon?

How would you like the sunbed room and the salon in general to be decorated?

What are the tanning essentials you would like the salon to supply to you?

This article will help you out with some ideas to make sure that your salon décor will be a reflection of your business and the excellent services you offer.


Salon Ambience

Your tanning salon should be a pleasant and tranquil environment that will evoke feelings of relaxation and comfort. Everything from the reception area, through the halls and the sunbed rooms should be carefully crafted and decorated to offer practicality and serve particular purposes.

You’ll need to get creative but do not overdo it. Be sure that adding the little touches is what will make your salon stand out. A good idea would be to visit tanning shops and salons near you to get inspiration. If your budget allows it, you can also hire an interior designer to get a professional advice.


Design, Colours and Theme

People say that first impressions always matter.  A nicely decorated and contemporary interior will definitely make good impression to you clients.  Select colours that are relaxing and warm. Always remember to choose gender-neutral colours, especially if your clientele consists of both males and females. An alternative option would be to go after a specific theme and follow this theme throughout the salon.  Your salon could boast, for example, an exotic or tropical – inspired design or a theme based on holidays. This will set your clients holiday mode on and make them feel like they are laying on the beach under the sun.


Salon Decorating Ideas for the Reception area

The reception area is typically the first area people encounter when they walk into your salon. It is usually the place where you process new clients’ registration, book appointments and receive payments. For this reason, you need a big counter that will allow you to sort out the paperwork. Keep record of your clients’ details, useful information and appointments by using client records and appointments cards. These tanning documents can be found on Tansun’s Tanning Supplies brochure.

Use the area behind the counter to display best-seller sunbed creams, tanning accelerators and tanning accessories. Make sure that all those products are visible to your clients and easily accessible to you. For the best sunbed tanning lotions on the market have a look at Tansun’s Sunbed Creams brochure and find some of the most popular brands such as Pro Tan, Power Tan, Emerald Bay, Fiesta Sun and Carrot Sun. Use decorating shelves and proper lighting to create eye-catching displays for your products’ better promotion.


Salon Decorating Ideas for the Waiting area

The waiting room should be welcoming and make your clients feel comfortable. Decorate with couches and chairs for your customers to sit comfortably while they are waiting. You can also include a television or magazines and newspapers to give your customers the opportunity to keep themselves busy. You could also use wall paintings and plants to create an uplifting atmosphere. Display posters related to tanning and be informative about safe tanning and try to promote this throughout the salon. Examples of posters can be found on Tansun’s website under the Marketing tab.


Salon Decorating Ideas for the Sunbed Room

It is important to follow a consistency in colours and the theme of the sunbed room with the rest of your tanning salon. Tansun Leisure Commercial Sunbeds boast sleek and elegant design. They can be found in attractive and playful colours that suit most decors and salon environments.

In general, the tanning room should be spacious enough either you have a stand up or a lie down sunbed. Your clients need plenty of free space to move around, change clothes, leave their belongings and in general feel comfortable.

Except for the sunbed itself you will also need a chair/stool and a small table or shelves on which you can place all the relevant to Tanning Supplies items such as sunbed sanitisers, cleansing wipes, tissues, sunbed goggles etc. A full length mirror is also necessary because people may need to remove their make up or want to see how they look after the tanning session. A hook should be there for hanging clothes. Do not forget to include a small storage cupboard where people can lock and store their personal belongings.

Don’t worry if your premises do not allow for separate rooms for each one of your sunbeds. All Tansun’s vertical commercial sunbeds come with an optional and fully integrated lockable Changing Area which includes a mirror, storage shelves, hook and interior lighting.

Also provide your clients with the following tanning supplies for use before and after the tanning session

  • Sunbed Disinfectant Spay/ Sanitiser. Keeping your sunbeds clean is of great importance for your clients’ health and safety and your salon’s good reputation. You should sanitise the sunbed surface after each customer use and you should place the sanitised signs to make people aware of the sunbed’s cleanliness. You could also place within the room a disinfectant spray that people can use themselves to spray all over the sunbed’s surface and wipe it off with a tissue or a towel.
  • Protective eyewear for use in the sunbed. It is the salon’s responsibility to ensure that all customers go on a sunbed with the proper eye protection. The salon should provide clients with disposable Winkease or re-usable goggles but make sure that they are sanitised after each customer use. The best way is to place them in a bowl with disinfectant solution and leave them there until the next customer is there.
  • Freshen up wipes for use before and after the tanning session: Your clients can use wipes before the tanning session to remove any form of makeup or other cosmetics or after the sunbed session to freshen up and remove any sunbed cream they have applied.
  • Deodorant (spay). Sometimes after the tanning session you may get an odour from the sunbed. Your clients can use the deodorant to feel refreshed.
  • Posters related to tanning. Post on the walls warning and proper usage signs in a place that will be visible to all customers. Example of posters can be a Tanning Guide with recommended exposure times, the 3 Compliance warning sign or the No sunbed use to people under the age of 18.
  • Bin. Do not forget to empty the bin on a regular basis.



Having calming or uplifting music in the sunbed room can make the whole tanning session more pleasant. It’s important to give the customers the option to change tunes or adjust the volume.  Make also sure that you include a choice of songs for different musical taste.


Salon’s Outdoor Space

An easy way to attract new customers is to work on your outdoor space as well.  An eye-catching window display or clever signage will make sure that your tanning studio will get noticed. An example would be to display special offers and discounts to draw people’s attention. You could also include useful information such as your business opening hours or your contact details.



Finally, not only the area but mainly your staff can make sure that your salon is among the top ones. Make sure that your staff is well-trained and knowledgeable and operates under a structured and effective operating plan. They should be in a position to provide clear instruction and useful advice to the clients on how to use the sunbed properly and guarantee people’s health and safety. In any case, they should be friendly, kind and make the clients feel comfortable.


For more salon decorating ideas and further information on how to set up and operate a successful sunbed business download our online Valuable Guide on How to Set up a Thriving Sunbed Business.


No matter how much money you spend on your tanning equipment and advertising, if your customers get the impression that they are not treated well they definitely won’t come back. Make sure they feel pampered and give them the opportunity to relax and enjoy their tanning session. If you succeed in that, they will be willing to spread the word about your salon because they will just love it.

Please note that you can apply those salon decorating ideas for the interior design of any tanning or beauty salon, spa, hairdressing, nail bar etc.