Tansun Leg Tanner – Ultimate Leg Tanning Solution

Tanned Legs with Tansun Vertical leg Tanner, Just Legs

Tansun Just Legs.

Ultimate Vertical Leg Tanner, the only solution for truly sun-kissed legs on the market.

It’s officially that time of year when people must get their legs out with dresses, shorts or swimwear. Who wouldn’t wish for fabulous looking tanned legs that demands everyone’s attention? Introducing brand new for 2018, Tansun Just Legs, the Vertical Leg Tanner, available directly from Tansun Leisure.

Tansun Leisure is the UK’s largest manufacturer and leading supplier of sunbeds with years of experience (est. 1982), who have developed and launched ‘Just Legs’, a patent approved leg tanner with its elegant design and 360° tanning results for the legs. Manufactured in the UK, this high performing Leg tanner is a patent approved design with a combination of cutting edge and innovation. Offering several distinct selling advantages above any leg tanning equipment on the market.

Tansun Just Legs, is here to satisfy the desire of thousands of people for natural brown colour on the legs. Everyone has surely noticed that legs are the hardest part to tan. The unit has been designed for those clients that want to top up the tan on the legs all year round.

The leg tanner is a profitable investment, because of its low operating costs and high return on investment. It’s time for salon professionals to upgrade their business by adding this unique leg tanner to their products and services. It is the perfect addition to tanning studios, beauty salons, spas, gyms, hotels, leisure centres, nails bars and many more. Therefore, Tansun Just Legs is a must have in any UK salon, allowing owners to embrace the opportunity to maintain and satisfy their existing customers, but also attract new customers, increasing their client base and profits.

Want to learn more about Tansun Just Legs?

  • It is a compact yet powerful unit that doesn’t take much space
  • It fits into most applications and décor because of its sleek and aesthetically pleasing design
  • 3 attractive colours: elegant Black, playful Burgundy and royal Blue.
  • Floor reflector for all over 360° tanning results, even on the inside of the legs
  • Hassle-free installation and no additional cost for electrics (one single plug in main power source)


Overall, Tansun Leisure have set the standards in the indoor tanning industry for more than 35 years. Passionate about what we are doing, we are always endeavour to accommodate consumers’ needs and provide everything required by salon professionals.

Tansun Just Legs is exclusively available direct from Tansun Leisure and available now for purchase, rental and lease. For further details click here. For a demonstration or orders Contact Tansun or call  on 0121 580 6200.