Commercial Leg Tanner – Tansun Just Legs

Tansun Just Legs, commercial leg tanner

Tansun Just Legs – Commercial Leg Tanner

Tansun Just Legs– vertical commercial leg tanner is a perfect for those are looking to generate an extra income four your sunbeds business. If you have just have approximately 1 metre square of floor space then your salon could potentially generate an extra £50,000 per year with the Leg Tanner. Just Legs is the prefect addition to any sunbed shop, it has a great return on investment.  New innovate patented designed Just Legs puts customers’ needs and comfort first. The Tansun Just legs a revolutionary model that surpasses the old type leg tanner machine making it compact easy to use and hygiene and walk in unit just to Tan your legs.

Tansun Just legs the leg tanner solution for darker legs

It has always been a longing desire for the legs to tan as well as the rest of the body. Customers no longer have to be concerned, as Tansun Just Legs lunches its ultimate leg tanner sunbed to achieve the best tanning results for your legs.

For years tanning salons and sunbed business have heard the aged old question “Why don’t my legs tan as well as the rest of my body?” while the face and legs are the hardest area to tan and to maintain nice dark tan.  Moreover, women especially have hard time to tan their legs as they are constantly waxing or shavings their legs which exfoliates the skin and generates new skin reduces the end tanning results.

Though sunbed users obtain a tan on their legs from sunbed usage, the legs are less targeted due to the UV concentration being more in the middle of the sunbeds rather the upper and lower body. This is why legs received reduced tanning results in a sunbed than there do in the Tansun Just Leg Machine that is specifically targeting the legs assisting the customer to achieve the golden brown legs they desire.



Commercial Leg Tanner Benefits

Tansun Sunbeds has lunched the Unisex Leg tanner ideal both your male and female customers for those who crave the sexy golden legs.

  • Patented design
  • Unisex
  • 360 degrees tanning
  • Use leg tanner in conjunction with their current tanning regime
  • Luxury product that looks stylish in any salon
  • Contoured designed to target the inside of the legs
  • Vertical Walk in unit
  • Compact
  • Hygienic
  • Low running costs
  • Not hard wire electrics required just plug and play
  • 3 eye catching colours
  • Reflective floor to enhance the tan
  • Easy to maintain

As well as resolving one of the more diffract areas on the body to tan. The leg tanner is an exciting new sunbed machine providing a luxury tan to your customer legs with contoured acrylic and design to target even the inside of the legs and more hard to reach areas to obtain an even all round tanned legs.

Sunbed creams for use on leg tanner

Additionally, sunbed creams can enhance your tanning experience up to 20% there are specific creams to target just the legs you can see our very sexy legs. We have a full range of sunbed creams that are suitable for both use on a sunbed and on the Tansun Just legs.

Tansun Leg Tanner specification

The leg tanner is compatible with both token meter and a tmax system to suit your sunbed salons needs. The ultra-leg tanner is available in 3 fancy colours: Royal Blue, Burgundy  and gloss black. Different lamp configurations are available pure UV for tanning or Collagen for skin rejuvenation these lamps can be mixed.

Therefore, lamps have up to 600 hours lamp life giving up to 3,000 12 minute seasons, it’s easy to clean and maintain for quick tube changing compact to maximise you revenue in a small space.

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